Functional design encounters love for detail.


Functional design encounters love for detail


The magazine "WirtschaftsWoche" (translates to "EconomicWeek") named an article reporting about höfats "Functional design encounters love for detail" - exactly what our products embody. We are regicognized for our fascinating uncompromising products.

Apart from designing, developing and realizing our own product ideas, we also work as service providers. hoefats masters the field of tension between design and engeneering and demonstrates therefore integraded product development.




There is significant potential in directly relating design and engineering. Working as designers and engineers at the same time, we can combine these disciplines as bivalent developers.



It fills us with joy that the world of design loves our products. Last year alone höfats won twelve design awards, including some of the most renowned in the industry: 2x Red Dot Design Award, 2x Design Plus, 3x iF Design Award, 2x German Design Award, 3x Focus Open - this threats ourselfs about as much as a cold brewsky while enjoying a juicy flank steak - cheers.