Adi Blanz


Let´s do BBQ

Adi Blanz is founder and owner of Germany's most advanced Grill&BBQ Academy. Worldchampion in the discipline innovative-bbq-methods, and German champion in multiple disciplines including "BBQ-Chicken".

"Being able to regulate the level of charcoal while grilling is the absulte highlight! It works brilliantly! This represents precisely what I have been missing with other products all along, when it come to regulate the temperature to a certain point. It's surprisingly easy and efficient to regulate the temperature this way."


Boris Rüther


Boris has worked as a confectioner, owns a business degree and joyfully cooks for relaxation. He worked in multiple michelin-star-awarded restaurants and accompanied the Coffeehouse-Company "ARAN", from Rosenheim (Germany) as productmanager in all situations concerning gastronomy. As owner of his own business he now works as business consultant supporting companies in the gastronomic sector.

"Next to respect and love for food, creativity and skilled craftmenship, temperature and time are the most essential components of cooking and barbecue. During the process of cooking and barbecueing the ability to regulate heat immediatly is from crucial importance. The boys at hoefats have done a brilliant job in meeting these criteria. A grill with large cubic capacity and detail-solutions  makes the time barbecueing as joyful as possible."


Mora Esmeralda Fütterer


Mora Fütterer is dedicated host. She is an educated chef, worked in numerous michelin-star-awarded restaurants and runs her own catering company by today (www.mocuisine.de). Years ago she familiarized herself with barbecueing and now uses it just as often as the normal stove. With BBQs, menues and buffets she brings joy to Germany's VIP-caterings, weddings, business fairs and events of all kinds.

"In my perception regionality, fairness and professionalism should always be the number one priority - with höfats I have found the perfect partner and grill. The possibility to control heat as easily as never before makes barbecueing as easy as never before. It allows me flexibility in temperatures and ensures a perfect result every single time. Finally there is a charcoal barbecue that simple to handle, of superior quality and awesome design."


Klaus Winter


Klaus Winter is owner and manager of the barbeque-restaurant "Strandhaus" in Lindau, locate don the lace constance,  and runs the "Barbecue Academy". Furthermore he works as a consultant and guest lecturer for the topic "Barbecue" at the DEHOGA-Academy, the german educationinstitution of the german hotel- and gastronomyunion. Hosting germany's first BBQ-TV-Show "Winter grillt!", he provides the public via TV and Youtube with know-how about barbecueing. Eversince he started, Klaus used only grills of highest quality standarts - it makes us proud that our CONE-BBQ is included. 

"CONE is the grill including a "aha"-effect: In the beginning you think of it as a standard charcoal barbecue with a nice and individual design. Once you explore all its unique features, you realize: "Wow, someone has really put lots of thoughts into this." Congratulations!"


Christian Gollenz


Christian has won the World Barebecue Champoinship (category - professionals) three times and furthermore achieved innumerable achievments in BBQ-Champoinships all around the globe. Professionally he is chief of sales for "EISVOGEL der Fisch" as well as owner and manager of the barbecue academy "Chef Party".

"My favourite feature of höfats BBQs is the possibility to go from slow cooking to full-power-bbq and vice versa within milliseconds."


Sascha Piel


Sascha Piel is an enthusiastic amateur cook, a passionate BBQ fan and most recently a fan of höfat. The full-time mechanical engineering computer scientist is an application engineer for wind turbines.

"I am astonishied by the simplicity of CONE's temperature regulation and its great efficiency. Needing only one kilogram of charcoal briketts it enables you to barbecue for hours. To enjoy summer-evenings I convert my CONE into a Firebasket and enjoy the atmosphere of an open fire with my family, firends and neighbours. At the end of the day I can close the lid and go to bed without worrying about igniting a wildfire."


Camillo "DonCaruso" Tomanek


Camillo is founder and operator of one of Germany's first BBQ-blogs. Furthermore he sucessfully participates in almost every national and international BBQ-Champinships. Three times "German Barbecue Champion of the professional", "World Barbecue Champoin" and "Dutch BBQ Champion" are just a small demonstration of his expertise. 

"It is very hard to combine design and functionality, I'm more than happy to say that the boys of höfats have achieved it! There are many details that distinguish a BBQ from a great Grill to make my life, work and experience better. If you're not using it, it does not ruin to looks of your yard, it just looks awesome!