GRAVITY CANDLE M90 - a fascinating play with fire and gravity


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  • lantern with a special (cardanically) pivoted candle
  • candle always remaining perpendicular due to gravity
  • comfortable lighting
  • safe and secure extinguishing of the flame

GRAVITY CANDLE M90 - The höfats lantern delights with a cardanically suspended candle – no matter in which direction the lantern is twisted, the candle always remains perpendicular due to gravity. Wax splashes when blowing out a candle are a thing of the past – the GRAVITY CANDLE simply is turned around and extinguishes. Already when lighting the candle, the mechanism is extremely useful – slightly tilt the lantern to the side and light the candle without burning yourself or having to remove the glass tube. Be it on the table, in hanging position (thanks to accessories) or on a rod – the GRAVITY CANDLE with its atmospheric candlelight turns your favourite spot into a magical place both indoors and outdoors. You can subsequently extinguish the GRAVITY CANDLE in any position by simply turning it around – and what is best: in reverse position, the GRAVITY CANDLE is perfectly protected against the weather for neither rain nor leaves can reach its interior.

Product Weight: 1,00 kg