Free PREMIUM Brennpaste when purchasing a CONE charcoal grill

Premium Fuel Paste

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// Free article when you buy a CONE charcoal grill
// This turns on the coal - smoke-free
// 4x 50 g
// 100 % bio-ethanol

When buying a CONE charcoal grill, höfats gives you 4x 50 g PREMIUM fuel paste from the coal manufacturer. This is how grilling is really fun ... The premium fuel paste consists of 100% bio-ethanol. It allows you smoke-free lighting in conjunction with a chimney. Thus, nothing stands in the way of barbecuing on balconies or in the backyard. And also to the environment is thought: The premium fuel paste from 100% bio-ethanol burns climate-neutral and almost odorless.

Product Dimensions: 9x9x11 cm
Product Weight: 0,22 kg