SPIN - a spinning flame in a glass tube: beautiful, soothing, & warm

SPIN Bioethanol lantern | table fire | garden torch

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  • table fire, lantern, garden torch
  • 500 % boost due to rotating flame and chimney effect
  • for indoor* and outdoor use (* only SPIN table fire), compliant with DIN EN 16647
  • combustion period with our bioethanol gel
  •      SPIN 120 with a filling of 500ml approx. 80 min
  •      SPIN 90 with a filling of 225ml approx. 60 min 
  • incl. extinguishing lid, incl. refill cup
  • material: stainless steel & borosilicate glass
  • SPIN silver = glossy, SPIN gray = matt brushed 
  • Bioethanol Gel must be ordered separately

SPIN table fire – is a fascinating whirl of flames in a decorative glass cylinder which brings a campfire atmosphere to your balcony or terrace.

The impressive dance of the flames is due to bioethanol burnt in a can. Simply place the refill cup (already included) filled with bioethanol into the stainless-steel footing on an even surface and light the combustion gel with an extended universal lighter or a long match. Then quickly put on the 54 cm high glass cylinder (made of high-quality borosilicate glass) and enjoy the luminous vortex of flames for approx. 80 minutes (SPIN 120), 60 minutes (SPIN 90). Those who want to end the spectacle prematurely simply place the enclosed extinguishing lid onto the glass cylinder, thus suffocating the flame within seconds. SPIN table fire is available in two sizes and three colors, grey, silver, gold and black.

The table fire base is included, but not the torch stick. 

SPIN Torch – as a torch variant, SPIN can be easily fixed in the ground. Stuck into the lawn, the SPIN torch enchants all your guests during the next garden party and will be the eye-catcher of the evening. Different heights can be adjusted and realized due to the 4-piece ground spike included in delivery. The individual parts of the spike are differing in length (17 cm + 34 cm + 48 cm) and have an additional earth nail, thus guaranteeing a stable support. SPIN torch is available in two sizes.

The table fire base is not included. 

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